Air conditioner welding

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Author : Fred Li
Update time : 2020-12-08 09:49:04
As we know welding process is the key station for air conditioner production.
With more than 10 years experience within HVAC industry, we would like to share some ideas .
Welding process includes tube material, welding material, welding gun, welding gas, welding person.
Below is a simple summary:
Tube material          Welding Material        Welding Gun         Welding Gas                                                  Welding temperature  Quality Inspection
Copper                    Silver rod                   Adjustable Nozzle  Acetylene/propane mixed with oxygen         1800-2000 degree       Visual and leakage inspection
Aluminum                Aluminum rod            Adjustable Nozzle  Acetylene/propane mixed with oxygen          1500-1800 degree      Visual and leakage inspection
Copper and silver rod is expensive and suitable for high quality air conditioner or ventilation equipment.
Aluminum and aluminum rod is cheap and suitable for thermosiphon heat exchanger.
Acetylene is easy to do welding but it is dangerous to get exploded. To be safe, we use propane instead.
In mass production we use 100% visual and leakage detection to check each welding point. At the same time, we will perform sampling for destructive inspection to check welding filling according to IPC -A-610 standard.
When using aluminum tube and rod with propane welding, it is high skilled for operators, it's extremly important that we have welding quality and quantity assessment for operators and qualify their welding skill.
These are basic control for air conditioner and heat exchanger welding of production and quality, going forward we should consider to use automatic welding , and the key is to design suitable welding space when designing the unit. 
As a summary we input these items to PFMEA and quality control plan for mass production.
And DFMEA and DFM for automatic welding consideration.
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