Lean production for HVAC

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Author : Fred Li
Update time : 2020-09-01 10:30:46
Lean production, 6 sigma and operational excellence is frequently used for manufacturing industries. 
What is the difference of lean production, 6 sigma and operational excellence? How to apply it for HVAC industry?
Lean production is focus on reducing non-value added activities and controling inventories.
6 sigma is to improve system variation and especially used for quality level improvement.
Opeational excellence is a combined with lean production and 6 sigma ,while it is linked with company strategy.
There is one example for heat exchanger production, how to use these approahces.
We use lean production to eliminate wasting and optimze material kitting process from receiving, IQC, issuing, unpacking, on line supporting. 
Then by same way to optimze information flow from sales order to finish goods shipping and service to improve the whole process to eliminate communication wasting, misunderstanding.
By making visual Kanban, we will trace both material and information flow on the board daily and time to time.
While the application for 6 sigma is a big different. Before using this approach, we should set up systematic training course for members to understand how to use these statistic technology. One example is to improve final temperature difference test pass yield.
Furthermore, we will introduce great details for all.
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