HVAC trend

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Author : Fred
Update time : 2020-12-04 09:41:36
HVAC includes heating, ventilation and air conditioner equipment and parts .The market segement is divided into telecom, medical, home application,commercial ,auto.
For telecom industry, the cooling is extremely important to secure temperature inside the base station cabinet. However the cabinet is becoming smaller and even disapearing.Condensor and evaporator is the part to get the works better.
For medical, the air purifier level is the most important element.Filter is part to ensure this work.
For home application, nosie level is the most important part, so compressor is the part to secure the functionaliy.
As for commercial application,maintenance is very important, parts mechanical design is the part to ensure this requirement.
For auto industry, efficiency is No.1 consideration, so compressor is the part to get the job done.
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