Sheet metal surface treatment

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Author : Fred Li
Update time : 2020-08-25 09:33:33
There are strict anti-corrosion requirements for sheet metal used for outdoor telecom cabinet.
Tpyically chemical solution with electrophoresis and paiting&powder coating are widely used .
For chemical electrophoresis process, it includes below process:
Ultrasonic cleaning, phosphorization,anodization.
Ultrasonic cleaning,Nickel , copper , silver plating process.
Ultrasonic cleaning,Nickele, copper
For paiting and powder coating:
Polishment, Ultrasonic cleaning, phosphorization,primer paiting, paiting
Polishment, ultrasonic cleaning, phosphoriztion, primer coating, powder coating
After the surface treatment, verification testing should be used to verify the quality.
salt mist, alternative humidity and salt mist, high and low temperature cycling test are used to check the specimen surface .

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