Stainlesss steel anti-corrosion

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Author : Fred Li
Update time : 2020-09-18 10:22:12
This article is focused on stainless steel materials used for outdoor telecom base station.
Typically 304 and 316 stainless steel are mainly used to make rivet and screw for filter, diplexer products.
How to verify the anti-corrosion of rivet and screw.
We recommend to use 316 material for rivet and screw, when the cost is not sensitive.
The part has to meet 96 hours constant salt mist test with 5% salt and 95% related humidity.
After the test, there is no any rust on rivet and screw surface, especially for the thread.
When considering balance between cost and quality, we use 304 to make rivet and screw.
In this case, after 96 hours constant salt mist test, the rivet and screw surface may get a little bit dust.
To improve this issue, during the manufacturing process passivation treatment will be used for 304 materials.
The passivation process will improve the rivet and screw to pass salt mist test and meet anti-corrosion requirements.
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